Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions per topic. Do you have a question that is left unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Become an associate

What does it mean to become an associate?
Each licensee receives their own work area, internal training and a manual with many procedures and example agreements. In addition, the initiators continue to assist the licensee with advice and assistance.
What is expected of a licensee?
As a licensee of Horecaadviesbureau.nl you are able to provide all-round advice to hospitality operators, you can mediate in purchase or sale, you can screen companies, you can give financial advice, you act as a sparring partner, ect.
How can I become a partner?

As a partner at Horecaadviesbureau.nl you are not sensitive to the economic situation and you have a job, crisis or no crisis. If you would like more information, please send an email with your name and address, date of birth, mobile phone number and motivation to: [email protected]


What do you do differently from other bookkeepers/administrators?
Our financials have a lot of knowledge of the hospitality industry, we also have a unique monthly management report and we link a hospitality coach to the customer, in order to increase the return (based on the figures).
What is your working method with an administration?
You will have to keep a cash book yourself, scan your invoices and send them to us weekly. We ensure that all data is entered into the administration software, so that proper accounting is maintained. In addition, we do the periodic VAT returns and other additional matters. In addition, a coach will visit you regularly to discuss the finances and adjust where necessary.
What does an administration cost?
The costs for conducting an administration (accounting) are from € 50,- (ex VAT) per week. The unique thing about this service is that you get a coach who is aware of your administration, who makes adjustments where possible and above all provides insight into your administration.
Do you also do a bit of "creative" accounting?
No, we do not do this to protect you and your interests. Firstly, we do not take that responsibility and you are not helped with an additional assessment or a wage penalty. Often that will end your business right there.

Purchasing benefits

What can I save on?
HorecaAdviesBureau.nl's framework agreements are particularly attractive. Savings can be made on all purchasing flows simply by doing so in a group, and we offer that collectiveness.

Also costs that you don't think of as quickly, such as energy costs, debit card subscriptions and insurance costs can often be cheaper. These are often long-term contracts that can be converted into a more attractive contract with relatively little effort, with interesting savings.
How do you ensure purchasing savings?
Thanks to our national coverage, we can conclude large framework agreements with many different suppliers, which you can benefit from.


What are your brokerage fees?
The costs are divided into 2 parts: start-up costs and brokerage. The start-up costs are € 500-€ 750, depending on what is desired in terms of advertising options, etc.

The commission for buying and selling varies and depends on several factors such as: buying, selling, including or excluding real estate, etc.

We are happy to make a quotation without any obligation.
How quickly can my business be sold?
If the price/quality is in balance, it takes an average of 6 to 9 months before a catering business is sold. Of course there are exceptions, a property in an A-location with many possibilities for a good price will be sold faster than a catering business that runs poorly and is in a bad location.
Wouldn't it be better for me to buy or sell my catering business myself via Marktplaats, for example?
Of course you can, but whether you buy or sell for the right price and do not have any hassle afterwards, that's the question. An independent broker who stands up for your interests, knows the market, knows the environment, appreciates the company and can substantiate this is very valuable.
What does a sales process look like?
You can view the sales process on the sales brokerage page.


How quickly can financing be obtained?
The entire process between an intake and obtaining the desired amount normally takes between 6 - 12 weeks and depends on many factors. These factors include: the desired method or ways of financing and the timely and correct delivery of the required documents.
Is a financing application always successful?
As Horecaadviesbureau.nl we have a good track record. This means that we have achieved a high percentage of successful financing. We determine in advance whether we think it is feasible. Of course, there are never any guarantees, but we can often also provide financing in complex or apparently less favorable situations.


I have a small hospitality business, are there opportunities for me?

We sure do! We organize workshops 'on registration', which means that we give a specific training on a fixed date and location for which everyone can register. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the dates!

Coaching, Interim & Advice

Why would I need advice?
Undoubtedly not for all your activities, but just like other industries, the hospitality industry is increasingly specializing.
Doing business itself is also becoming more and more complicated and we are gradually hiring more and more knowledge and experience. Think of outsourcing administration, payrolling and other services. Hiring an external advisor, who looks at your hospitality business with knowledge and experience, can save you a lot of money, generate extra revenue or improve the overall quality.
What should I keep in mind with interim management?
Sometimes you can use extra support in your organization, you notice that things are not running as smoothly as they should, but you can't really put your finger on it. At such a moment it can be valuable to temporarily hire someone from outside the company, with a lot of hospitality management experience. He/she will then work with you and your team to see what can be improved and provide you with the tools to ensure that you can do it yourself.

General questions

In which region of The Netherlands can I use the service of horecaadviesburea.nl?
We have national coverage. So no matter where you have- or want to start a hospitality business, there is a partner in your region.
Where are you located?

We are located in Rotterdam, at this address.

Do I have to come to Rotterdam to use your services?
You are always welcome to come and have a cup of coffee with us, but no, you certainly don't have to come to Rotterdam. Our partners come to you, because after all, it is about your hospitality company.
Can you also develop a concept for me?
Of course we can also develop a good concept for you, and especially with you, based on your wishes. Because an idea and the entrepreneur behind it differ, our approach is completely customized. This means that together with you, we will look at what is available, what is needed and, above all, who is going to do what.

If desired, we can guide the entire concept from A to Z. From writing the business and marketing plan to the location or finding franchisees.
Which concepts have you successfully guided?

Pinsa concept

Gabrielle Tamborinni and Adriano Raimondi have had a Pinsa business in The Hague-Centrum since 2016, where they introduced Pinsa's (a special prepared bread roll, the idea of which dates back to Roman times). In view of the success in The Hague, the support of Horecaadviesbureau.nl has been called in to introduce this concept in other cities as well.

1857 (Schnitzel) concept

The year in which the schnitzel made its appearance in Austrian cuisine is the namesake of this concept around the well-known meat dish. This concept is still in the development phase. Horecaadviesbureau.nl is currently assisting entrepreneurs in rolling out their formula.

Ribs & Burgers Concept

It''s all in the name! This is a concept that revolves around meat. You will soon be eating spare ribs and delicious burgers at various locations. This concept is still in the development phase. Horecaadviesbureau.nl is currently assisting entrepreneurs in rolling out their formula.

In addition, we assist several parties with concepts for which we are looking for the right premises or franchisees.