Do you want to start- or take over a hospitality business?

We have knowledge, experience and a network.

As a starting hospitality entrepreneur, do you have an all-round perspective?
Of course, hospitality and professional knowledge are a very important part of this, but other factors are also of great importance, such as:

- Purchasing,
- Sales calculation,
- Monitoring your results on a monthly basis,
- Internet/social media/marketing,
- Your positioning compared to your competition

There may be a need for a feasibility study.
But our services also include a business plan and guidance towards financing, support with permit applications, selecting insurance, etc.

No, nobody is perfectly all-round. therefore supplements the entrepreneur in what he is not a specialist in. Our partners ensure that you, together with them, gain insight into matters that can be improved and that you also approach these constructively with the ultimate result being: improvement.