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About horecaadviesbureau.nl

About us

Horecaadviesbureau.nl is an initiative of Gerard Hekkelaan and Ger Henkelman. Both have earned their spurs in the business world, with Gerard as a former Hospitality Operator bringing in the professional knowledge and Ger Henkelman adding other business qualities as an independent entrepreneur and manager.

As a former hospitality operator and hospitality broker, Gerard Hekkelaan often encountered people who asked him to help them start a new hospitality business or to help them get their existing hospitality company out of the doldrums. In addition, as a hospitality broker, he saw that entrepreneurs, and especially starters, received too little guidance, so that their chance of success was unnecessarily small.

All this led to Gerard setting up HorecaAdviesBureau.nl in 2011, together with friend Ger Henkelman. Ger had just sold his international wholesale business and had his hands free for a new challenge where he could leverage his business experience. By combining the professional and entrepreneurial knowledge of them both, HorecaAdviesBureau.nl quickly became a renowned, recognized and professional consultancy with national coverage.

HorecaAdviesBureau.nl continued to grow and at the beginning of 2020 it merged with it's colleague from Brabant "Dorstlessers", whereby the management was expanded with Marinus van Dorst, who has been regional director at Heineken, and Mark Boelens, who has various companies and participations, including Zwanenberg Advies (administration), Pay desk (payroll processing) and Your BI (Business Intelligence Tool).

All 16 affiliated partners in the country have more than sufficient all-round experience and professional knowledge and all have one or more specialisms.
The mutual cooperation between the partners is streamlined, so that the customer receives the best advice and guidance.


Horecaadviesbureau.nl not only strives to be the largest, nationally operating partner, but also the best. We are always looking for new developments and opportunities in the market that can bring our customers to a better return and a growing revenue. We do this with highly motivated and knowledgeable partners. Partners with a passion for their profession and that makes the difference!


Service and craftsmanship play a leading role in every hospitality company.
This happens by allowing motivated, well-trained people to bring out the very best in themselves and each other every day and by letting them do what they are good at: their profession.
Hospitality entrepreneurs and their team can therefore contact HorecaAdviesBureau.nl for all matters for which they lack the time and/or knowledge.
A partnership in which hospitality entrepreneurs can rely on us and trust us to provide them with maximum guidance and support and that they can count on reliable advice.
HorecaAdviesBureau.nl distinguishes itself from other consultancy firms due to its multidisciplinary character and our hand-on mentality based on our own years of hospitality experience.

Gerard Hekkelaan

Ger Henkelman

Marinus van Dorst

Mark Boelens