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A good staff is priceless!

Personnel issues in the hospitality industry

September 2022

At the end of March 2022, there were 112,000 unfilled vacancies in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry as a sad frontrunner of all branches, partly as a result of the large outflow during the corona crisis.
Various hospitality tigers have all kinds of ideas for recruiting staff, but certainly also for retaining them. Below we'll outline a number of options:

Emphasize additional benefits such as:

o With us you get a healthy meal every day, paid breaks and a drink at the end of your shift
o With us you immediately get a permanent contract and two weekends off per month.
o With us, you and your partner, family member or friend can test once every week free of charge (restaurant of the chain, hotel, etcetera)
o With us, flexible employees receive an extra 20 percent salary if they work on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
o With us, permanent employees receive a summer bonus.
o Experienced people receive a 3-month management internship with us, including a job guarantee
o With us, new employees with a student loan, on top of their regular salary, are paid €2.50 (per hour worked) to DUO to help repay that debt.
o With us you have a four-day working week
o We work with a wage ladder with which we offer prospects to employees who have been working with us for more than a year.
o We have a pleasant working atmosphere. We regularly organize a drink or staff party, or go exercise together
o With us, you'll benefit from the profit we make. (e.g. in a cooperation)
o We have a plan for employees who want to grow.
o Our team is so enthusiastic that they function as our business card. Satisfied staffmembers attract new staffmembers. We show the outside world, both online and offline, why working with us is so much fun. Everyone wants to participate and shares their story with friends or on social media.

Here are some tips to deal with the current situation:

• Check whether it makes sense for your company to close an extra day, but to compensate for this at a different time. For example, by opening extra for lunch on another day.
• Invest in digitization and automation: from online reservation tools for table reservations, event management and booking modules, to QR ordering, a staff planner, onboarding and floor management systems. The subscriptions to these systems often seem expensive, but they turn out to be real moneysavers and they provides overview and speed – and thus time savings – on the work floor.
• Reducing the menu and reducing the steps it takes to get a dish on a plate, also reduces the workload in the kitchen. In addition, you can (temporarily) switch to semi-finished products, which means you'll need less people working on it.
• Since the corona crisis, reserving time blocks for a restaurant has become more accepted. It is even practical for guests with small children to come early in the evening.
• You can place fewer tables
• Close the kitchen an hour earlier
• Closing an extra day.
• Closing on Saturday evening at 11 o'clock, when you could, for example, have an hour longer.

A Hospitality Manual Application

With good training you get the best out of your employee(s). In addition, it is important to bind your employees to you by ensuring that all personnel matters are properly arranged.
As a hospitality entrepreneur, you want to be able to optimally share your ideas and knowledge with your employees.
Training courses, memo's, employee manual, schedules, explanation of various matters, etcetera. You can put everything in a book at the cash register, but then it will become "old", dirty and dusty and you will never be up to date. We can help you bundle everything into one convenient app. Divided into various categories/articles/videos to upload and fully costumizes for your company.


With good training you get the best out of your employee(s). In addition, it is important to bind your employees to you by ensuring that all personnel matters are properly arranged.
As an entrepreneur you may be capable of training your employees well, but there will always be elements that are not your strength, or that you do not have time for. A number of partners of can train on various elements. Also there is a collaboration for various E-learning training modules and collaboration can be done using the Handbook application. For training courses, for example, think of: Hospitality, Beverage knowledge, Menu knowledge, Upselling, Management, Barista, Wine sommelier, etcetera.