Are you ready to buy a new property?

Together we have an summed total of 120 years of hospitality experience. That means a huge network and many potential sellers

Purchase brokerage

Buying a new business, or purchasing the property of the company you are currently renting is a very big step. People who are looking to buy a house are more often turning to the help of a purchase broker and not without good reason! When purchasing a commercial property, there is even more to take into account and the partners of are happy to support you with this.

It’s not only about whether you can afford to pay the asking price, but also about the value of the company, the exploitation possibilities, the structural condition of the property, the value of any inventory and much more. But there is more to take into account, such as: permits, taking over employees and -among other things- supplier obligations; if this is not properly arranged, you will likely face some unpleasant surprises. To prevent this, you can count on the expertise of We will guide you through the entire purchasing process, serving your interests and ensuring that everything runs correctly and is properly arranged. From viewings to signing the contract, and everything in between. And the big advantage of a good purchase broker? This usually pays for itself (largely) in the negotiations!

Are you still looking for a suitable location? Let us know and we will use our large, national network to find the perfect place for you!