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Financing in this day and age is difficult, but with our knowledge and network we are able to come up with (stacked) financing. We speak the language of both the entrepreneur and financier.

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Training & staff

Well-trained staff are worth their weight in gold! Is it expensive to train your employees? Nope, poorly trained staff, that's expensive!

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Need buying or selling mediation? Need additional financing? Need an inventory valuation, lease-, purchase- or rental agreement? Contact us.

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Administration & software

It's all about data! Aligning the right software (-tools and -apps) with each other, a little discipline and good reporting.

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Je moet met veel zaken rekening houden. Juist dan is het gewoon fijn om met iemand te sparren met kennis van zaken die jou in je denkproces kan ondersteunen.

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Action! Join KHN now and choose your gift

Favorable prices and benefits on more than 40 products and services. KHN is committed to the hospitality industry and therefore also to you!

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WHOA: we know how it works

The new WHOA law enables potentially healthy companies with a lot of debt (as a result of, for example, the pandemic) to continue as a healthy company.

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