Mystery guest

How do your guests experience the hospitality of the employees?


In order for a company to perform optimally, one has to gather and analyse information

If you do the buying and selling well, you will have a good margin. Good administration is necessary for this. But there are also things that cannot be expressed directly in numbers. That is the feeling that a guest has when visiting your hospitality company. How do your guests experience the hospitality of the employees, their expertise, the food and hygiene? We can provide insight into which improvements are needed to increase guest satisfaction.


We do this for a wide variety of clients.
Of course for restaurants (lunch & dinner) and cafes. But also for hotels (overnight stay with breakfast) or an evening out in an event center (e.g. bowling, karting, theater or escape room). Also visits to the sales team of your banquet department


By means of visits to your hospitality company, we check on a number of fixed matters.
Obviously, how clean are the toilets, glasses, plates, cutlery. How does the Mystery Guest experience a menu, the conversation with the waiter. Is there perhaps contact with the kitchen or management. How are complaints or compliments handled?
A Mystery Guest visit is not just having a snack and a drink and explaining in five lines what the 'overall' experience was like. A Mystery Guest visit is extensively prepared and reported afterwards and discussed with you. Recommendations are also made in that report.