Free sparring with an experienced hospitality entrepreneur?

Nobody knows everything; not even you as a hospitality entrepreneur!

An advisor can help. We know what doing business in the hospitality industry means, we work independently and we are able to help you. Many catering entrepreneurs work long hours and do not allow themselves the time to look at their company from a distance. By the time they realise what’s going on, it is already too late. It is often thought that it is useless to engage an advisor, that the costs will be too high or that our advisor is unable to provide meaningful suggestions. In short, they think they know better themselves!


Entrepreneurs who are interested in receiving structural guidance can take out a subscription with Starting from € 25.00 a week, the advisor discusses the state of affairs with the entrepreneur every three months. Everything directly or indirectly related to business operations can be discussed. This might be going over the annual figures, the purchase of a cash register system or equipment, personnel matters, the contract with the brewery, the costs of the accountant or a disability insurance. Holding up a mirror for the entrepreneur is important to us. Often, our visits serve as a good motivation to keep the administration on point: the entrepreneur knows when we are coming and will make sure that he has the figures ready.'


Hospitality entrepreneurs benefit from an advisor who knows what hospitality entails. The first interview, the intake interview, is always free. Together, the partners of have more than 120 years of experience as either a manager or as an owner in the hospitality industry. We have been successfully active as a consultancy since 2011 and we try to provide as much open, honest and expert advice as possible. We have plenty of references where you can check this.

Call us to make a (non-binding) introductory appointment to discuss how we can assist you.

Fort 1881 Hoek van Holland - Jurgen Beumer:
We want to expand Fort 1881 in Hoek van Holland with about 40 B & B rooms located on a plot of 2.5 ha. The business plan that wrote was so clear that the bank had no questions and immediately came up with an offer. We have successfully financed through the bank which would not have been possible without the help of